Elementary Academic Award  (Honours)

This award is given to the student in grades 5 and 6 with an aggregate score of 16 or more from all four core subjects, with a minimum grade of 3 or "A" in all courses.

a. Grade 5 Honours

b. Grade 6 Honours

Junior High Academic Awards (Honours)

This award is given to the students in grade 7, 8, and 9 with a final average of 80% or more in all four core subjects, passing grade in all others. Final marks and average will be rounded to the nearest percent.

a. Grade 7 Honours

           i. Top Grade 7 Academic

b. Grade 8 Honours

           i. Top Grade 8 Academic

c. Grade 9 Honours

           i. Top Grade 9 Honours

           ii. ATA Grade 9 Award-This award is given to the Grade 9 student with the highest academic average in core subjects.

AG Society Awards

Successful grade 9 candidates will be recognized during the annual awards program, and will have their names inscribed on a permanently displayed plaque as well as given a personal trophy.

a. Scholarship- The student will have shown above average effort and acheivement in his/her academic studies. Diligence to studies will be equally important.

b. Service- The student will be known among his/her peers and teachers as one who gets involved in school and community activities. He or she will have shown a concern for others and a willingness to help when needed. Loyalty to one's family, friends, school and community is paramount.

c. Ag Society Knights' Levels of Achievement

Student athletes earn and accumulate points through their participation and achievement in athletics programs, clubs and teams at Lilian Schick School. Grade 9 students recognized have demonstrated an ongoing contribution, commitment and personal achievement in athletics. Students will receive a small plaque and have their photo and accomplishments immortalized on the Knight’s Athletics Wall of Fame, There are three levels of achievement: Gold= 1000+, Silver= 800+, Bronze= 600+. The rationale for the changes to the Athletic Awards is as follows:

Knights' Levels of Achievement will acknowledge a core group of athletes that contributed to Knights Athletics. Our former system acknowledged only one athlete - resulting in a lot of key contributors going unrecognized.

Knights' Levels of Achievement will motivate more students to set goals and participate in athletics. Athletes can track and know at the start of the year what they need to do to reach a certain level. For example- If I run cross country, play badminton and participate in track I could reach the “Bronze Knights” status!

Knights' Levels of Achievement removes the subjective selection process and pressure from coaches and athletics staff to choose one or two award winners. This is an objective program to recognize our amazing athletes.

Book Award

A book/books is presented to the most deserving students in each homeroom in grades 5-9. Selection of the winners will be made by staff of each school on the following criteria:

-Individual development;

-Contribution to the welfare and progressof the homeroom and school.

At Lilian Schick with Leader In Me:

-Has continually demonstrated a commitment to their school and class mission statement.

-Has shown growth in demonstrating and using the 7 Habits to achieve their academic and personal Wildly Important Goals

-Or has modeled their committment to the 7 Habits and has helped other students reflect upon their own practices in regards to goal setting, practicing and developing the habits, and demonstrating class mission statements.

Grade 5

Grade 6

Grade 7

Grade 8

Grade 9


Fine Art Awards

a. Band

    i. Junior

    ii. Senior-This award is given to a grade 9 student who has shown outstanding growth, commitment, and leadership skills in band throughout the year. This individual has demonstrated advanced level proficiency on their instrument, and has contributed to the band in a positive and responsible manner, enhancing the musicality of the band as a team in addition to fostering their own advancement as a musician.

b. Drama

Introductory-The Introductory Drama award is awarded to a single student in the introductory Drama who demonstrated both growth and enthusiasm throughout the two terms of Drama. The student shows leadership, andconfidence while developing both skills and attitudes in Drama.

c. Advanced

Performance Drama award is awarded to a student from the Advanced Drama classwho shows exemplary growth and development in drama. The recipient of this award demonstrates leadership, focus, creativity, and awillingness to take chances. Performance also plays a key part of the award, and the student receiving this award shows commitment and fortitude in the delivery of their art.

d. Art

The student shows a leadership and enthusiasm for art. This individual is dedicated and puts an exceptional effort into their art work and is a positive influence in the art classroom.

Grade 9 Knighthood

The Knighthood trophy shall be awarded to the student(s) who have made a significant contribution to the achievement of the KNIGHTS statement of Lilian Schick School during the school year. There will be a maximum of four students chosen by the principal and staff to be knighted each year. These students will receive a plaque, $50.00, and their name will be permanently engraved ion the Knighthood Trophy.


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