Technology can enhance learning in so many ways. At Lilian Schick School, classrooms are equipped with technology and digital resources to help support education. As well, we are pleased to offer technology-based programs to help enrich the educational experience.

Digital Resources 

Digital resources allow students the opportunity to interact with the world outside their classroom. They also help students connect to concepts and express their understanding in different ways. Students are engaged, enthusiastic and motivated to keep learning.

Personal Electronic Devices (PED)

Students may bring wireless personal electronic devices to Lilian Schick School once they and their parents have agreed to the policies stated in the Personal Electronic Device Agreement. These devices may be used for personal use during recesses. Since personal electronic devices can provide some exceptional benefits for use in the classroom, students are asked that their PED is used for educational purposes only. Engaging in game playing or social networking is prohibited unless directed by a teacher and in the pursuit of educational outcomes.